Design for "Walk up and use" Interactive Visualizations

Mary Lou Maher, Software and Information Systems Department
February 20, 2014 - 12:30 PM
130 Woodward
  "Walk up and use" describes an interaction design that provides a certain kind of user experience: the interactive display is in a public location, users need to be motivated to engage with the display as they walk past, and the interaction needs to be guessable.  Many public interactive displays use touch interaction or mobile-device interaction. However, there is an increasing interest in using in-air gestures in addition to or instead of touch now that gesture recognition technology is becoming less expensive.  Research challenges for "walk up and use" include identifying discoverable gestures that make sense cognitively for the casual user and developing gesture recognition software for identifying discreet, intentional gestures.  This presentation will look at existing "walk up and use" interactive displays and present a methodology for eliciting guessable gesture interactions. This methodology as well as other design methodologies are being explored by students in the Spring 2014 interaction design studio. Samples of their design ideas will be presented for discussion.