The Kaa Observatory: A Public/Private Portal for Providing Big Data Analytics Tools to a Large Number of Users

William Ribarsky, Computer Science Department
August 28, 2014 - 12:30 PM
130 Woodward
  Dr. Ribarsky will discuss the development and planned use of the Kaa (Knowledge Acquisition and Application) Observatory, which will be part of the big data analysis infrastructure in the DSBA (Data Science and Business Analytics) Initiative. The Kaa Observatory will provide a new way for public/private access to unique data analytics tools and analysis products. It will be fronted by a substantial set of Web services capable of handling hundreds to thousands of simultaneous users. The back-end will consist of robust, scalable computing and storage resources. I will discuss how the Kaa Observatory will be set up for highly interactive services such as our Rome project (providing new approaches to investigate the whole history of Rome), related tools having to do with environmental science and climate change, and emergency response tools. The former tools will be made available to a large public cohort of citizen scholars and citizen scientists. At the end of the talk, there will be discussion of how best to set up this cohort and to support their activities (and analyze their actions).