Ribarsky Center for Visual Analytics: A Sampling of Current Projects

Prof. Zachary Wartell, Ali Karduni, Aileen Benedict, Raihan Nayeem, Maggie Reichard
October 25, 2019 - 12:30 PM
Woodward 106

The recently renamed Ribarsky Center for Visual Analytics began in 2005 as the "Charlotte Visualization Center". It was founded by the late Professor Bill Ribarsky, a UNCC Bank of America Endowed Chair and the Center's founding Director.    The Center's mission is to develop and promote the science of visual analytics and to advance interactive visualization as an integrative discipline that is indispensable for attacking key real world applications.   The Center's faculty lead visualization and visual analytic projects that use a wide range of computing systems from mobile computing, desktop computing to AR and VR.    In this presentation, current VisCenter Ph.D. students will give overviews of a variety of their research projects with Professor Wartell (the Center's Co-Director) first giving a brief overview of the Center.

Note:  This seminar will be given as part of the CCI Graduate Seminar Series (Friday 10/25)