Sustainable Charlotte: Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability in an Agent-Based Model

Ted Carmichael and Kyle Thieman
April 5, 2012 - 12:30 PM
Woodward 130
Refreshments will be served. Sustainable Charlotte: Social, Economic, and Environmental Sustainability in an Agent-Based Model The goal for this project is to provide a decision-making environment for stakeholders to depict and envision the energy sustainability in the greater Charlotte area.  In particular, this environment focuses on informing the stakeholders about the future demands of ecosystem provisioning, providing a systematical overview of the energy consumption from multiple simulation systems, and enabling them to visually interact with and examine the rich set of simulation outcomes. To that end we have created a framework for multiple ABMs (Agent Based Models) that depict energy consumption and production for the Charlotte Center City, as well as tools for connecting multiple models together.  Ted will discuss the main themes for this project, why ABM was chosen as the model development tool, and show the simulation model for downtown Charlotte.  Kyle will show the energy production model, explain the tools that have been developed for integrating multiple models in a single framework, and present some preliminary results.