VisWeek Review and Highlights and Pizza!

Numerous Presenters
November 3, 2011 - 12:30 PM
Woodward 130
Presenters: Zachary Wartell, Aritra Dasgupta, Drew Skau, Lane Harrison, Khaldoon Dhou, Wenwen Dou, Matt Johnson, Amy Ingram, Roman Pyzh, Xiaoyu Wang, K.R. Subramanian, Jing Yang, Aidong Lu, Robert Kosara, and others! Pizza and drinks will be served The VisCenter had a very large representation at this year's IEEE VisWeek. In previous weeks' VisCenter seminars, VisCenter members gave their paper presentations. In this week's seminar, we will hold a informal "review and highlights" session of papers/posters/demos/trends/panels that peaked the interest of our VisWeek attendees. Please join us for this informal confab. We will also use this time to organize follow-up VisWeek paper reading groups for those interested in the highlighted topics.